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Bitics Advanced Security Analytics(BASA)

Bitics Advanced Security analytics uses Big Data and Sophisticated AI/ML algorithms to monitor activities with much higher precision and only pinpoint to fraudulent/Outlier activities avoiding many false alarms and needless case investigations thus having effective reduction in time and effort of investigators.

Detect anomalies on the fly

Data Anomalies
Data anomalies

Bitics Analytics Engine tracks and measures the data movement anomalies such as bulk uploads/downloads, deletions, movement of sensitive data to unsanctioned servers. Not only are all attempts captured for forensic evidences, but also an real time alert is generated to avoid any of data exfiltration.

Location Anomalies
Location anomalies

Bitics Analytics Engine tracks and detects Location based anomalies by analysing the Geographical Locations between the different clouds data centres and resources. Any activity either from an unrecognized location, Multiple access by same user from varied locations, restricted high risk location/countries etc are detected by the engine as malicious activity and alerts are generated to block access/users.

Credential Anomalies
Credential anomalies

Bitics Analytics Engine has the potential to identify and detect potential credential misuse. This is achieved by continuous monitoring and logging of activities across cloud and web. Threat intelligence allows detecting to bifurcate designated users from external unauthorized users by means of Geo-locations, Login Details etc. Bitics has capabilities to remediate any unauthorized access proactively by means of alerts and temporary blocking of those users.

Insider Threat

Bitics believes in the basic core principles – Count your doors, make sure they are locked, and secure your most valuable assets

With the uptick in high-profile data breaches, Companies with large networks are working hard to guard against advanced intruders who identify and exploit advanced vulnerabilities on the most critical systems. Very often due to industry focus on sophisticated attacks, companies overlook on the most basic securities like patch updates, network scans, password management etc.

Bitics helps companies build a comprehensive, real-time view of their networks, then use that view to identify where the risks are and who within the organization needs to work to mitigate it.

Bitics can support implement, monitor and strive to automate cybersecurity hygiene practices.

Flag suspicious patterns of behaviour by:

  • Correlating core database queries and USB activity to find exfiltration of database dumps.
  • Correlating remote sign-on events to Network logs to find compromised credentials.
  • Analysing exceptional employee behaviour with similar job functions to spot actions that are unusual for that role within the organization.
  • Discovering anomalous employee behaviour by checking it against resource historic patterns.

Any of the below events will be seriously monitored and reported:

  • Transfer out sensitive files via USB.
  • Accesses from Unapproved Endpoints/devices.
  • Port Scans from unapproved LAN hosts.
  • Unauthorized software’s/applications on endpoints.
  • Instances of password and access policy violation.
  • Changes to integrity of files on endpoints.
  • Anomaly detection of behaviour – Elevation of account.
  • Unleash browser based attacks on end-points.
  • Detect Server access Anomaly .
  • Detect lateral movement of malwares.

AI-Driven Threat Protection

Threat Anticipation and Threat Hunting
Threat Anticipation and Threat Hunting

The more data you give Bitics Analytics platform, the smarter it gets. Proactively defends you against your most relevant threats such as malware infiltrations and insider threats. Correlates each of the historical alerts and threats related to existing rules-based systems to uncover deeper links to learn which threat is most likely to strike. Bitics integrates with SIEM tool to analyze and extract the list of prioritized threats that would leads to accelerate threat mitigation.

Incident Analysis and Response
Incident Analysis and Response

The rule and thresholds based approach produces too many false positives and a flood of alerts. Bitics Security Analytics not only flags likely incidents but also removes irrelevant noises. The risks involved are much higher if an attack go undetected, causing high damage. The security teams can thus respond rapidly to incidents and swiftly remediate threats.

Anomaly and Pattern Detection
Anomaly and Pattern Detection

Bitics AI-powered Analytics connects the dots faster with context driven investigations. This help cybersecurity operations protects their systems from attack by recognizing the characters of threat actors helping analyst discover the what, why and how of an incident. This understanding helps to identify patters based on user and device behavior. Pattern analysis helps the team discover insights that otherwise is not easily detected.


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