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Data Growth for every Organization multiples YOY. Bitics provides you with Robust BI and Visualization solutions to help you integrate data from disparate sources and develop real-time insights for faster decisions

Visual storytelling

Visual storytelling.

Effective data aggregation and management

Effective data aggregation and management.

Real-time insights

Real-time insights.

Business intelligence (BI) is the ability to analyze customer behavior and obtain valuable insights from your data. BI-as-a-service can help you assess risk, reduce costs and make better business decisions.

Our BI Managed Services includes everything from BI platform maintenance and upgrades, to database management, administration to production monitoring and security administration

Data Aggregation and Management

Bitics provides efficient data collection and extraction methodology from external and internal sources. It automates organizing large amounts of data for analysis using data aggregation, warehousing, and Modeling solutions.

Managed Reporting Services

We work with multiple partners for Reporting and Visualization applications, we provide deployment and support for leading platforms like SAP Analytics, Tableau, Qlikview, Microsoft, Oracle etc.

Dashboards and Visualization

We develop dashboards encapsulating large volumes of data in intuitive graphical storyboards enabling real time decision making.

BI as a Service

With the growing volume of data from connected devices, good decision making relies heavily on technology advances in analytic capability, to bring out the intelligence in data. Bitics believes in providing outstanding tools, technology and value for your long-term success so that you’ll be our customer for a long time.

Agile Bi

Bitics offers a cloud-based BI-as-a-Service platform that is easy to deploy and reduce the time, cost and required expertise to develop analytics-rich, vertical BI applications. This solution supports self-service Data Discovery, Enterprise BI and Big Data Analytics.

Analytic platform

Bitics Analytic Platform is based on the technology of tomorrow with all the benefits of cloud technology. This includes a high level of automation and security, a very intuitive and easy to use platform with low maintenance and high scalability.

Technologies and partners

Bitics collaborates with vendors who offer products that help us create simpler and smarter solutions. We have a range of selection of the technology partners and the implementation % based on solutions deployed for our customers.

  • aws
  • birsts
  • Exasol
  • Azure
  • snowflake
Smart Analytics 75%
Data Lake 95%
Internet of Things 89%
Machine Learning & AI 80%
MPP Data warehouse 90%
Visual Data Discovery 100%
Self Service Data Blending 82%
Advanced Analytics 70%
Data Warehouse Included 72%
Power BI 92%
Internet of Things 84%
SQL Data Warehouse 60%

Business Value

The Challenge

Each business has many different data requirements i.e getting diverse data in both structured and unstructured forms from variety of sources. It makes it pertinent to have a single platform to ingest all this siloed information into meaningful reporting.

The Solution

  • Enables small to mid size organisation to have the same capabilities as larger organisations
  • More cost effective to businesses as it prevents the need for costly upfront capital costs
  • Enable users to focus on exploring and analyzing data, a high-value activity.
  • Uses a Subscription Payment model.

Business Value

By Using Bitics Cloud Analytics solution will allow to ingest diverse data for both unstructured and traditional data sources, extending the analytical capability of your business. The platform can scale as the business grows thus empowering users to make more productive and profitable decisions.

Bitics can streamline your analytics process to help you discover anomalies and strategic insights within your business to derive meaning from your data — and improve business intelligence application.

Our offering includes support for:

  • sap
  • tableau
  • birsts
  • Azure
  • snowflake
  • qlik

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