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No technology is worth much if it is not implemented with a high degree of understanding of the Strategy & processes the technology is supposed to facilitate


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A Strategy is a description of the overall way in which a business can run. We just support Building IT Strategy to deploy Business Transformation principles to revolutionize ways to do business better. We help you enable your core business strategy through relevant data transformation, acknowledging that digital is more than technology alone. We help you transform your organization to the fast-paced dynamic environment your business exists in. Business Analytics is a layered and hierarchical discipline. Information requirements move from the business-driven environment down to the technically oriented environment back towards the business driven environment.

Today, Many Digital Transformation projects begin as technical sandbox projects, intended to help companies understand the viability of the technology within their ecosystem. It is easy to understand the technical aspects of the project but evaluating real business value from their investment in the project is a tough part.

Companies will often plan strategies and plan roadmaps which keeps changing with the needs of the organization. More often than not, those strategies gets so jumbled due to the management focus on urgent tasks thus losing focus on their Roadmap. which further leads to frustrations and pressure for management to get things in order at the last moment. We all know the consequences of those urgent misdirected decisions can lead to.

Bitics provides Strategy Consulting as a Service to join our clients towards building and executing the roadmap to success. We work together with you ensuring the roadmap is based on a business imperative and well tested business capabilities by means of use-cases.

Overview from a helicopter perspective for below steps:

Business Strategy Creation – The Information Strategy is decided at this level based on the organizations or the business area’s overall business strategy (vision, mission, objective). Normally these strategies will result in a number of Key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Define Business processes – Business Processes are analysed redefined to the strategic objectives made visible by the KPI’s.

Define Analytical Processes – This is where Information and Knowledge are generated about the deployment of analytical and statistical models.

Define Reporting – Frontend applications and reporting functionality details are defined.

What we can do for you?

IT Cost Optimisation / Consolidation – Contribute to reach cost targets by IT reducing cost of IT services, and supporting process consolidation and automation.

Provide Flexibility – Support the dynamic businesses and cost efficient market behaviours with custom services.

Reduce Time to Market – Shorten time to market in product development and market introduction in growth areas.

Reliability / Availability – Guaranteed reliability and availability especially in IT solutions supporting core business processes to ensure uninterrupted business operations

Quality (Efficient and effectiveness) – Provide high quality basic services, efficient IT solutions and better IT support through automation

Innovation – Provide attractive IT Solutions for customer empowerment e.g Portals and Apps and to meet new business requirements arising from modernisation programs.

Usability – Focus on User. Go with Users. Key User care & culture.


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