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Bitics Security Cloud Platform (BSCP)

Security on cloud

Monitoring the security infrastructure is always the necessity but the necessary CapEx costs, infrastructure costs, Manpower costs, Process setup costs can be a deterrent. Customers can lowers the total Cost of service by outsourcing to Bitics Security Cloud Platform. Bitics harnesses the power of cloud reducing the overall costs of deployment and ongoing costs, and leveraging the highly skilled staff working round the clock ensuring you focus on what you are best at i.e Running the Business.

Bitics Security Cloud Platform (BSCP) empowers enterprises to detect, investigate and respond to events efficiently using our round the clock service where analysts will collect log data and once identify real events from the noise thus automate future incident responses using behavioural analytics, data lake functionality and security orchestration. This cloud model removes the burden of deployment, maintenance and upgrading, which would otherwise require a dedicated headcount. Data at BSCP is protected using data encryption in transit and at rest, complying to security best practices.

Benefits of Bitics Security Cloud Platform (BSCP)

  • Deployment Flexibility
  • User-based pricing model
  • Seamless migration to the Bitics Security cloud platform
  • Data Encryption in Transit and at rest.

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