Our Mission is Digital Services powering Distributed Intelligent Applications using Blockchain + AI. We are stepping into the future by making every device around us smarter with IOT. We provide solutions that helps Enterprises to build smart connected products that harness the power of AI and Blockchain to become more efficient.


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Do We Need Blockchain?

These questions are :

  • Are you working with digital assets?
  • Are you trying to eliminate the need for intermediaries or brokers?
  • Do you want/need to depend on a trusted party?
  • Are you managing contractual relationships?
  • Should transactions be public?

Blockchain technology is taking us in a paradigm shift with its ingenious advantages, by allowing digital information to be distributed. Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually anything of value.

Just like any other technology, Blockchain implementations needs to be process oriented ensuring the security of implementation and protection from future misuse.

Bitics has a tight knit team including a veteran Architects with strong security and cryptography expertise. We offer a massively scalable real-time authentication and integrity solution for any type of digital asset based on Industry requirements.

We have done extensive R&D on usage of Blockchains, that allows to tackle hard problems in banking, Finance, Security, Supply Chain, Retail, Healthcare, Compliance and Networking, and our proprietary solution for Blockchain Security.

Security is as strong as it's weakest link. Blockchain, once known to be unhackable are now often getting hacked.

Bitics Solution for Blockchain Security

Security holes are appearing in some of the fundamental approaches of cryptocurrency and smart contract platforms in the way they were built.

Blockchains are particularly attractive to dark web because fraudulent transactions can’t be reversed as they often can be in the traditional financial system. Besides that, we have understood that just as blockchains have unique security features, they have unique vulnerabilities.

“Bitics Solution for Blockchain Security” is a data-centric security technology, which deploys hash functions to generate digital signatures that can prove the time, integrity and attribution of origin for electronic data. Thus enabling digital assets and their provenance to be authenticated in real-time, anywhere in the world, independent of the service provider. Bitics signatures are portable, literally becoming part of the digital asset, and are used to provide proof of time, identity, and authenticity.

This enables the consumer, service provider, or data broker to finally trust the provenance and integrity of any network interactions, as well as the digital assets they are managing and/or consuming.

The information derived from a Bitics signature means the asset’s all information ie creation time, and authenticity information remains indisputable and can be subsequently trusted and verified without trusting or solely relying upon an administrator.

Bitics signatures are based on mathematical proofs and keyless cryptographic functions approved by the National Institute of Standards (NIST). These assets signed by Bitics will have proof information retained over the lifetime of the asset. The forensic evidence of the signatures makes legal indemnification issues easy to resolve, which can also hold up in a court of Law.

Services We Offer:

Private Blockchain Development

For Perfect Automation of Processes and Decentralization of Data. Private Blockchain is as mighty as a Public Blockchain for a specific set of Use-Cases. As being deployed for a specific Limited group of members, Transactions are Extremely Secure, It builds Trust, enables Flexibility. We have developed specific Private Blockchain for R&D departments for Medical Trials.

Ethereum Development

To Develop Powerful Decentralized Applications and Customized Smart Contracts.Ethereum is one of blockchain platform that is intended for the development of effective decentralized applications.We have well known that anything that runs on a blockchain needs to be immutable and must have the ability to run through multiple nodes without compromising on its integrity. Ethereum Dapps can be tailor-made ensuring a secure application for your business projects using principle of Solidity.

Hyperledger Blockchain Development

Separate various levels of Authority within Contracts. Hyperledger is the open-source platform that presents various tools for developer frameworks and projects to promote collaboration between companies, developers for advancements for Distributed applications.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts automates the process of verification based on accepted upon terms. A smart contract is a creation of algorithms that includes controls and agreements for adjusting the terms of a contract to make transactions in the business activities. Smart contracts collected in the distributed ledger as a one-time-recorded system.Smart contracts allow reducing the human portion by removing mediators in the dealing activity or at the time of completing deals or approving contracts.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

A cryptocurrency wallet is an application that provides cryptocurrency users to deposit transfer and receive their digital currency like bitcoin and other wallet coins. The development of a cryptocurrency wallet application based on blockchian principle's for access to transfer and receive money is not only simple but is a seamless and reliable process which completely bypasses financial authorities

Solidity Development

Solidity based Smart Blockchain Solutions for allows a secure and reliable process for different platforms involved in settlement or agreement between two members. The concept of solidity is an object-oriented high-level programming script developed to perform contracts for methods such as polling, fundraising, accidental auctions, and multi-signature wallets etc.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Secure code Exchange for your Innovation Ecosystem. An exchange where users can send and receive cryptocurrencies by using crypto pairs and fait pairs or other digital money. The transactions made by users are safe and secure as it eliminates any third-party and no one gets to conclude who are the sellers and buyers in the exchange system. These are online platforms in which you can replace one set of the digital currency for different digital currency.

Bitics Value-add use Blockchain as a Service

Yes, it exists. Bitics can implementing blockchain technology and offers Blockchain as a Service (BCaaS) to help companies participate in pilots without having to reinvent the wheel or invest in technology. You can identify use cases that will deliver value to your organization. All the hard work has already been done in setting it up. Thus, if creating your own chain seems unrealistic, then the best way forward is to use Blockchain as a Service. Not only does this give you access to an independent and expert technology partner, but it provides a much faster and more cost-effective way to start realizing the benefits of blockchain technology.


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