Robotic Process Automation
RPA is the combination of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform.


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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a developed application governed by business logic and structured inputs, aimed to automate primitive business processes. Future of Robotic Process Automation lies in using Artificial intelligence (AI) which can augment traditional RPA tools to do high-value, decision-making tasks, too. Our Focus is now on RPA together with cognitive technologies such as natural language processing, image processing, speech recognition, pattern recognition, contextual analyses and computer vision which can imitate the way humans think and perform. We leverage our proficiency across leading RPA platforms like UiPath, Automation Anywhere etc.


Orchestration of Chatbots with RPA

A key to scaling your digital workforce is employing highly Automated and optimized software robots. Below are some of the top RPA robots we have developed for our clients.

Data Management Bot

Harness the power of big data with completely automated bots that extract, manipulate, and utilize data from sources on premise or in the cloud to further process and write to any database any business application or to a report.

IT Services Bot

Use automated bots to respond to common requests like Monitor Systems, Notifications and password resets etc. To augment existing business processes and IT Services workflows based on user responses.

Call Center Bot

Use completely automated bots that Provide a superior customer experience by quickly accessing multiple systems to pull, analyze, process order history and respond effectively to standardized applications.

Claims Processing Bot

Use automated bots to streamline each step in your claims processing workflow, thus validating eligibility, processing forms, updating notification, payments and more.

Human Resources Bot

Use automated bots to streamline for swift onboarding, offboarding, or account management. Record data from forms to database, and automatically email managers

Accounts Payable Bot

Automatically process invoices upon arrival. Extract and manipulate data from forms to extract, update data in your organization's unique Accounts Payable workflow.

Security Compliance Bot

Automated bots streamlines to record compliances by reading detailed logs, automatically generating the reports an auditor needs to see particularly with PCI DSS, HIPAA or other regulations.

You choose the best bot for the process



Configure bot to work together with the human



Fully automate by teaching the robot how to do it


  • Eliminates dull and repetitive tasks
  • Automates your processes
  • Streamlines your tasks
  • Identifies your performance bottlenecks
  • Optimizes your resources and cost
  • Enhances your workflow
  • Improves your accuracy and cycle time
  • Increase your productivity in transaction processing

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