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Bitics Certification in Bitics Cyber Secure User

Bitics Cyber Secure user is awareness Global certification program. In this course you will learn briefly about data security and various computer and network associated threats such as identity theft, online banking , phishing scams, credit card fraud, virus and backdoors, emails hoaxes, loss of confidential information, sex offenders lurking online, hacking attacks and social engineering also suggest their relevant solutions.

EHE - Ethical Hacking Expert

Ethical Hacking Course Provide the opportunity to IT Professional & student who is interested to make career in Cyber Security. An ethical hacker is a security professional who applies their hacking skills for protecting purposes on behalf of the owners of information systems. Ethical hacker looks what information, locations and systems can an attacker gain access. What can an attacker see on the target. What can an attacker do with available information.

Bitics Forensic Investigator in Computer Hacking-007

Bitics Forensic investigator in Computer Hacking is the practice of collecting, analyzing and reporting on digital data in a way that is legally admissible. Forensic is used in the detection and prevention of crime and in any dispute where evidence is stored digitally. This Course is Specially deign Cyber Crime Officer, Cyber Crime Investigator, legal professionals, professionals work as a cyber security government agencies, IT managers.

Bitics Penetration Tester Experts

Penetration testing is used to test the insecurity of an application. It is conducted to find the security risk which might be present in the system check if the system is secured. If not, then any attacker can disrupt or take authorized access to that system. Security risk is normally an accidental error that occurs while developing phase and implementing phase of the software.

Bitics Expert Security Specialist

This course helps the reader to understand the different Networking and security fundamentals, which are must for securing any computer or network from threats and attacks. You will also learn different cryptography techniques, forensic and Digital evidence concepts associated with policing the network systems for attacks.

Bitics Mobile Forensic and Advance Security

Mobile devices are used to save several types of personal information such as calendars, contacts, photos, notes, SMS and MMS messages. Smartphones may additionally contain email, video, web browsing information, location information, payment apps, social networking messages and contacts. Mobile devices are often a key factor in criminal cases, IP theft, intrusions, security threats, and more.

Bitics Security Cyber Analytics

Security analytics helps us is to detect attacks as soon as possible, enable IT professionals to stop or block an attack and provide detailed information to reconstruct an attack. They do this by analyzing, collecting and correlating a wide range of data. By using Security analytics tools organizations implementing real-time monitoring of network logs, servers, consolidate and coordinate diverse event data from application and endpoints and network traffic.

Expert Blockchain Specialist

This course helps you to understand the basics Of Blockchain, Of Blockchain for Bitcoins and Other applications like setting up Smart Contracts. Further helps setting up Bitcoin Wallets, Transactions, and understanding of Cryptography, Mining, Security of Bitcoins.

Bitics Expert IoT Specialist

IoT course teaches us to have detail knowledge of IoT system from Sensors to SoC board integration and to Constrained IoT environment. Participants will able to create web interface to IoT system and perform Data (analytics) of Data collected from millions of Sensors.

Secure Web Development and Hacking for Developers

A vulnerable web application is the most common entry point that hackers use to compromise entire organizations. As a developer, it is critical to understand how web apps are attacked by hackers, and how we can defend it.

Secure IT Administration

Through security tests and intrusion investigations, we know how critical it is to protect highly privileged accounts to protect their IT environment.

Web Application Hacking

WAH course helps you to, identify the vulnerabilities that affect the majority of the web apps today. How to exploit them in order to compromise the web server, and how to take control of the entire organization and expand your influence by compromising the infrastructure behind it.The training focuses on exercises and challenges based on real-world scenarios.

Securing Windows Systems

IT Managers and IT Pro’s will learn how to defend and secure a modern Windows environment using the latest and greatest built-in features, tools and components.By participating it, you will fully understand the threats of today, and be able to implement security controls that are proven to effectively protect ,detect and mitigate cyber threats in your Microsoft infrastructure.

Cyber Security Threats and Defenses

The training is divided in two parts, one is covering threats including APT’s, hacker tools and malware and techniques used by cyber criminals. The second part will teach you how to secure and defend a modern Windows environment using the latest and greatest built-in features and components.

Cyber Crime Training: Incident Response

Realistic scenarios will give you the tools, the tactics and the methods you need to respond to malicious code, hacker attacks and insiders stealing your intellectual property. It teaches you to learn the proper process for conducting a forensic investigation, setting up a CSIRT, creating an incident plan and the technical knowledge to gather evidence and bring the investigation forward. Finally, you’ll learn when, and how, to take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation, and possibly file a police report.

Computer Crime Training: Microsoft Network Attacks

You will see how cyber-criminals exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in a modern Windows infrastructure and how to circumvent the latest security measures in the Windows platform.This is a hands-on experience of hacking techniques in a realistic Windows environment. These experts will guide you through the methodology and process followed during the attacks.

Understand how hackers attack the Windows Platform

This course teaches you will be perform attacks in realistic environment against a prepared Windows Environment. To your aid comes the latest hacking techniques and tools. After this course will have a greater understanding of how hackers are breaking down the system in Windows environments. This follows a educational process for attacking systems.


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